Download Area and Support Center - 1/9/2014

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ISO image is being revised WinAlldat Essca Software 1.59 - full CD Image (burn as
CD or extract files onto a removable device with 7-zip)
Essca Update 1.59 WinAlldat Essca Software Update 1.59 - 1/9/2014
for MS-Office Professional 2003/2007/2010/2013
For a new installation contact the IT support
Runtime library Runtime Library - important
TeamViewer QS program TeamViewer - remote quick support program
need no installation - portable, licensed by IVDK
Readme file How to install and configure the software
technical background information (PDF)
Essca manual WinAlldat Essca tutorial and software introduction (PDF)
ESSCA related documents Various documents (exposes, definition, working drafts - ZIP Archiv)
Contact Dermatitis (49) 2003 WinAlldat Essca description (PDF)
Project Coordinator Technical Support
Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Uter Dipl. Ing. Ronald Arnold
University of Erlangen University of Göttingen
Dept. of Med. Informatics, Biometry & Epidemiology IVDK Institute
Waldstr. 6, D-91054 Erlangen Von-Bar-Str. 2-4, D-37075 Göttingen
phone: +49 9131 8522750 phone: +49 551 201 97 780
wolfgang.uter[at] rarnold[at]